Ely Austin Woody

City: Oak Hills, Ca

Age: 28

Category: XC=Pro, Downhill=Pro, Road= Category 2

Bike: Trek Top Fuel

Favorite Food: Mmmmm food…..

Favorite Music: Aesop Rock, Junior Brown, Atmosphere, Tiger Army, The Pogues, Willie Nelson, Bad Religion, A Tribe Called Quest….. The list goes on for days!

What year did you start riding?

My grandparents bought me a half-way decent bike back in 1994, and my uncle introduced me to the sport. I definitely had a passion for it then, but didn’t really have people to ride with or the support to race. Then, when I was about 14 I got caught doing a 65-70 mile ride up to Crestline from Apple Valley… Alone….I was subsequently grounded and my bike was taken away. I didn’t really get back into cycling until 2002. In 2006 I did my first XC race at Rim Nordic. I jumped right into the expert class, won, and I’ve been having a blast ever since… Win or lose!

What is the most and least number of hours you ride in a week?

A big week during the winter or early spring will be 20+ hours. During a rest week I’ll still put in between 4-6 hours.

What is your favorite place to ride?

I don’t really have a favorite place to ride. The great thing about a bicycle is that it enables you to see the details of your surroundings more-so than a car. I have fun wherever I’m riding for that reason. I do enjoy the variety of terrain we have in the High Desert though… As far as racing goes, I definitely prefer the courses with steeper, looser, technical sections. For XC, the scarier the course the better.

Do you use supplements or sports drinks?

Yes. I ride for Hammer Nutrition and use several products. For shorter racing and training rides I use HEED or Hammer Gel. For longer events I use Hammer Perpetuem. As far as supplements go, I generally don’t use them. I don’t think there’s a better way to get what your body needs than eating a good variety of nutritious foods. Unfortunately, that means a lot of time spent cooking but there is just too much extra junk in processed food. However, I have been using Hammer Race Caps Supreme as a nutritional boost during intense training and racing weeks.

What aspect of racing is most fun for you?


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