Freddie Espinoza

City:  Idyllwild, CA

Age:  43

Category:  Cat 1

Bike:  Trek Superfly and Siren “John Henry” (handmade custom steel frame)

Favorite Food:  Consuelos Chile Verde Burritos and Homemade Coconut Milk/Blueberry Ice Cream

Favorite Music: Classic and Alternative Rock

What year did you start riding?  2007 so I could get in shape for fire season after recovering from a broken leg.

What is the most and least number of hours you ride in a week? 5-15 Hours per week in all weather conditions.

What is your favorite place to ride? Idyllwild, May Valley, and anywhere in the San Jacinto/Santa Rosa Mountains

Do you use supplements or sports drinks? Mostly just water. On hot days, I mix an electrolite replacement in one of my water bottles. I carry a flask of Hammer Gel for long endurance rides and races.

What aspect of racing is most fun for you? Training and trying to figure out the best combination of conditioning, rest, and nutrition to be prepared for race day.

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