Henry Valenzuela

City:  Apple Valley, CA

Age:  46

Category:  Cat 1 Mountain, Cat 3 Road

Bike:  2006 Giant XTC hardtail, 2007 Trek Madone 6.9

Favorite Food: prime rib, pizza, apple pie

Favorite Music: Led Zepplin and Led Zepplin tribute bands

What year did you start riding?
  I’ve been riding a bike ever since I was a little kid.  I started doing triathlons in the 80’s while stationed in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and then stopped riding for about 20 years.  This will be my 7th consecutive season racing.

What is the most and least number of hours you ride in a week?  If I am training for a 12 hour race, I will log about 25 hours.  If I am tired or taking a recovery week, I’ll log about 4-6 hours.

What is your favorite place to ride?
Anytime I can just roll out of my garage on my road or mountain bike I can always find a great place to ride.  If I have to load up my truck and drive it’s not so much fun.

Do you use supplements or sports drinks? For long races and training rides I use Hammer Perpetuem.  For short races and rides I use Gatorade.  Anytime is a good time for a Powerbar.

What aspect of racing is most fun for you?At this age just finishing a race is fun and rewarding.

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