All work is performed by an experienced mechanic with all of the equipment and ability of a 5 star professional. We have a good supply of XT and lower in house. What we don’t have, we can order. Please enquire.Prices are approximate. Estimate will be given in person on an individual basis.
Wheels True
Wheel adj/install ($5-ft $10-r)
Derailleur adj/install ($5-ft $10-r)
Tune Ups
Tire and/or Tube change
Gear adj.
New Cables
Fork Rebuild
Tuneup – $60 + $10 for wash

Drive train system
Bottom bracket fixed cups secured
Bottom bracket adjusted to not be tight or loose
Crank Arms securely mounted
Chain inspected for wear and lubricated if necessary

Steering System
Headset adjusted to not be tight or loose
Headset locknut secured
Headset inspected for external evidence of damage, wear, or loose cups
Fork inspected for damage
Stem inspected for proper depth of insertion

Brake System
Brake calipers checked
Caliper arms and mounting belts checked
Brake pads checked for wear and replaced if more then 50% worn
Brake pad height set
Pad set parallel to rim

Shift System
Rear derailleur and hanger inspected for proper alignment
Rear derailleur pivots, cable adjusters lubricated
Rear derailleur mounted securely
Front derailleur checked for proper mounting
Rear derailleur limit screws set
Rear derailleur checked for overshift
Front derailleur limit screw set
Front derailleur checked for overshift

Frame checked for damage
Seatpost checked for allowable minimum depth
Seat alignment checked
Tires checked

Overhaul – $120

Wheel system
Hubs adjusted to not be tight or loose
Tires checked for proper wear, and proper mounting

Wheel System
Wheel hubs disassembled and cleaned
Hubs and axles inspected for wear and damage
Rims inspected for damage
Wheels wiped clean

Drive Train System
Crankarms removed and cleaned
Chainring removed, cleaned and inspected for wear
Bottom bracket completely disassembled and cleaned
Bottom bracket cups and spindle inspected for damage
Chain removed and cleaned in solvent

Steering System

Stem removed from fork
Handlebars and stem inspected for damage
Headset disassembled and cleaned
Headset parts inspected for wear, damage, and looseness in
Frame and fork

Brake System
Cable removed and inspected for rust, frays, and kinks
Housing inspected for wear and damage

Shift System
Cables removed and inspected for rust, frays, and kinks in inner wire and housing
Rear derailleur cleaned


Frame cleaned