All work is performed by an experienced mechanic with all of the equipment and ability of a 5 star professional. We have a good supply of XT and lower in house. What we don’t have, we can order. Please enquire.Prices are approximate. Estimate will be given in person on an individual basis.


Break Adjustment

Headset Adjustment

Bottom Bracket Adjustment

Hub Adjustment

Spot True Wheels

Lube Chain



Basic Tune-Up

Single-Speed Tune Up Plus:

Break Adjustments (Disc Bleed Additional)

Gear Adjustments

*Bike Wash +$15



Ultra Tune Up

Basic Tune-Up Plus:

Remove and clean chain, cassette and crankset in solvent tank

Clean and Polish Frame

Clean Components

Inspect Frame and Components

Check Suspension



Complete Overhaul

Complete disassembly of the bike down to the frame

Clean and Inspect All Parts

Full Detail Clean Frame

Overhaul Headset, Hubs and Bottom Bracket

*Cables and housing additional; shock overhauls additional



Additional Services:


Bar & Stems

Aero bar install: $40

Aero bar install w/ shifters: $50

Grips install: $8

Handlebar install (for higher raised bar): $35

Handlebar tape wrapped: $12

Road bar install: $25

Stem install: $10-$20

Pedal Install: $5-$8

Seat Install: $5-$8



Brake adjust (each): $15

Brake bleed (each): $25

Hydraulic brake install (each): $50

Brake lever install (pair): $35

Brake pad install (pair): $15

Brake road caliper install (each): $25

Cable install: $20

Disc brake caliper rebuild (each): $60

Disc brake pad replace (each): $15



Hub adjust (each): $12

Hub overhaul (front and rear): $20-$40

Sealant install for tubeless (each): $20

Tube and tire install: $8

Tubular tire install (each): $35

Wheel build: $60-80

Wheel true: $25

Wheel true with spoke install: $25-$40


Shifter and Derailleur

Derailleur adjust (each): $15

Derailleur cable/housing install: $20

Front derailleur install and adjust: $30

Rear derailleur install and adjust: $30

Mountain shifters install: $40



Bottom bracket adjust: $20

Bottom bracket remove/replace: $30

Cassette/freewheel install: $15

Chain install and adjust: $20

Chainring install: $20

Crankset install: $30


Forks & Headsets

Fork install (standard): $35

Fork install (double crown): $45

Fork overhaul (suspension, seals): $60

Headset adjust: $10

Headset install or overhaul: $25-$35


Pro Bike Builds

Chain’s purchase: $35

Frame-up, used and outside purchase: $300

+ Hydraulic brakes: Add $50

Boxed bike assembly with tune-up: $85

Boxed bike assembly with tune-up and hydraulic brakes: $120


Other Services

Box bike for shipping: $75

Box tri bike for shipping: $100

Box wheels for shipping: $25

Box frame for shipping: $35

Daily storage fee: $5

Suspension pivot and parts overhaul: $60-120

Power meter crankset install: $60

*other parts and accessory installation available at varying cost