Thursday nights this summer Chains Required Racing will be hosting a mountain bike time trial. They will start at 6pm at Chains Required Bike Shop on the corner of Summit Blvd and Big Bear Blvd.

The Course
Starting at Summit and Big Bear Blvd, go up Summit Blvd. Take a left at the resort and follow the dirt road. Up Bristlecone and up Fern Trail. Then go up 2n10. Right on 2n10e and then down Lower Fall Line. Go down Bristlecone and back to the bike shop the way you came up.

Results from June 3rd

 Steve Kiney  31:52  Bryan Smith  37:27  Jeremy Young  43:30  Josh … [Read more...]

Results from June 10th

 Romolo Forcino  26:40  Ted Devito  29:13  Alan Lafromboise  29:40  Steve … [Read more...]

Results from June 17th

 Romolo Forcino  25:43  Alan Lafromboise  27:53  Derek Hermon  29:06  Colin … [Read more...]

Results from June 23rd

Ely Woody  26:40  Colin Shoar  32:48  Matt Gregg  34:37  Hector … [Read more...]

June 30th

 Steve Kinney  30:08  Colin Shouler  32:01  Bryan Smith  35:43 … [Read more...]

July 7

 Steve Kinney  29:58  Hector Pedrosa  35:53  Pat Farmar  DNF … [Read more...]

July 14

 Ely Woody  27:31  Steve Kinney  29:25  Hector Pedrosa  34:14  Bryan … [Read more...]

July 28

 Ted Devito  29:04  Steve Kinney  33:57  Ian Odom  38:50  Hector … [Read more...]

August 5th – The Finals Handicapped Race

 1st Josh Lewis   41:05  100$  2nd  Ian Odom  36:49  75$  3rd  Jeremy … [Read more...]