Scott Durkin

City: Big Bear Lake, Ca

Age: 33

Category: Downhill=CAT 1

Bike: Intense 951 EVO

Favorite Food: Who doesn’t love pizza but on race day… ETHANOL!!!

Favorite Music: Wolfmother, MGMT, Imagine Dragons

What year did you start riding?

Ridding all my life like most people but started riding downhill when I moved to Big Bear 6 years ago. I started racing 3 years ago.

What is the most and least number of hours you ride in a week?

0 to 10hrs a week. Most of my time is spent at snow summit park but I get out on our trails for some enduro.

What is your favorite place to ride?

Snow summit bike park has and always will hold a special place in my heart! I also like to ride Mammoth and looking to get up to Whistler.

Do you use supplements or sports drinks?

Protein Powder after workouts, Vitawater & Gatorade, and on race day a Redbull and Cliffbar.

What aspect of racing is most fun for you?

If its not winning then you should stop racing.